TALENT series_TFT-55 TFT-60 TFT-65 TFT-70_BOLERO Ⅱ

by Takahashi Makoto who is the craftsman making Talent series.

Career more than 40 years, he had built a pair of scissors from the basics of scissors TOGIYA. And knows all of the scissors, now has become a professional finish scissors finest Japanese, it is also in a position to raise a successor. He is a technology scissors existence “God” of Japanese scissors industry, people are called “God Hand” his skills. Once the hairstylists have used a pair of scissors of his finished, they can not use the other scissors.

Model No. TFT-55 TFT-60 TFT-65 TFT-70_BOLERO Ⅱ
Size: 5.5"/6.0"/6.5"/7.0" inch
Blade: Convex with Hammer Design
Screw: Dial Screw
Handle: 3D
Material: Molybdiem Steel with Hammer Design
Single Project
Single Project
Single Project

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